Wednesday, May 13, 2015



Here's what my phone saw when I turned it on.



Unrelated, but here it is anyway.

Los Angeles Freeways

There's a lot to think about when setting out for a drive on an L.A. freeway:  Will the traffic be terrible or will it be horrible?  How many times will I be cut off, and by how many jerks?  Will one of my mirrors be shattered by a motorcyclist splitting lanes?  How many potholes will I hit?  Will the corpse of the person tailgating me land in my front seat or my back seat when he rear-ends my car?

A big one, though, is will one of the giant semis that drifts into my lane when I'm right beside it be able to correct its course before flattening my car?  I can't completely blame the truck drivers, though.  Because the freeways have been altered and repaired and re-routed so many times, and on so many different occasions over the years, it's like driving on a patchwork quilt.  When the contours of the road go in a different direction than the faint white lines that designate the lanes (see above), there will be a lot of wandering death machines to contend with.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

The Elephant in the Room

Ve-e-e-ery interesting….I didn't realize how devastating the raising of livestock is to our environment.  Living in California, the most immediate, tangible concern (lately) is the drought.  We're being told to limit our usage of water, but corporate farming, and fracking, and the bottling of water get a free pass even though they use up most of the water.  People are talking about that quite a bit, which is good--but, you don't hear much about animal agriculture.  Here's a link for you: