Sunday, July 30, 2006

"Creative Type"

So, I was at this barbecue today, and an older woman who, upon hearing what I do for a living, said, "Oh, you're one of those Creative Types."
Like the polite, agreeable fellow I am I answered with a polite, agreeable "Ha ha, yeah." or something like that.
I wish now that I'd said, "No." That would have been more creative than the "Ha ha, yeah" that allowed her to put me in her little conceptual container. I should have tweaked her double chin, given her a wink, danced a little jig, and beat her to death with a rock.
Ha ha. Just kidding! You know how we Creative Types like to use our imaginations!


Honky D said...

You know Kenny, if it weren't for destructive types like her, the world would be littered with the mess of creative types like you. You should consider her a parasite, caught up in a symbiotic relationship with Makers of Things. Or, just consider her a parsite. I do!

becky said...

Ohhhh, I'm annoyed-and-a-half just readin' that story! What an annoying, obnoxious bitch. It's sorta like, y'know, humans are inherently creative animals. It's our birthright as long as it doesn't get squashed down by society. But I know whatcha mean about the ha ha yeah response. I do that sorta stuff all the time and then kick myself later.

sharon spotbottom said...

Some people just vibrate at a different level. That's why we draw poo's.

christyyyyyyy said...

but there really are only about six types in the world and here they are:

1. creative types
2. accountant types
3. asshole types
4. know-it-all types
5. belly button pickers, and
6. jesus types.

it's true I read it in a magazine.

-from Christy Bckey's friend

Sid said...

Yeah.....the comment you got was (in my opinion) right up there with the comment that I always get...

"Well, you're an engineer....Fix it!"

Okay...poof are now an Asshole type.

PS- you will never read this because I posted it months after you drew the pic....DAMN!