Monday, February 26, 2007

Why Do You Kill Me?

I should have listened to the caveman.
I worked on a layout all morning, and when I went to save it, Photoshop crashed and I lost everything. I not only lost my work, I lost a chunk of my life.


becky said...

Awh, man, at first I thought that was a TV. That sucks, dude! That just plain sucks, sucks, sucks. Nice picture, though.

Vincent Waller said...

Score one for real paper and real hands!

Sorry about your loss:(

sharon spotbottom said...

So you are saying that your dog ate your homework?
No wait, your dogma ran over your kharma?

Computers suck soul sucking azz. Um, hello who wrote that?

Devon said...

Kumpyooter BAD

d_orlando said...

It's all Nicktoon's fault, Kenny! They're just too cheap to hire an assistant who'll press the Save key every few minutes.

ryan said...

way uncool

i always work with 2 files. my main file & my backup file. it's gotten me out of many a jam