Friday, June 08, 2007

Buy This

It's really fast. You'll like it.


lori said...

that's a freakin' cobra. if that is yours, i will light you on fire twice. (wink)
although it looks suspiciously like my stepdad's car (not a cobra, or a gt for that matter) which my brother promptly took and wrecked. you sure the driver's side door isn't blue?? heh heh.

htw said...

*sigh* no thanks, me and my 15,000mpg Kia Rio get along just fine.....*insert another martyrous sigh here*

Kenny P. said...

Yeah, it's mine. (Hisssssssss). And that's the Nickelodeon parking structure it's sitting atop. Woo WOOO!

Now, buy it. Low miles. A real good price for you, my friend.

Rebecca said...

That is a fast car, I can testify to that. Having been a passenger several times and having had my eyeballs sucked into my brain, I can say, without a doubt, that is a fast car. (Slight exaggeration there, hah).