Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Time 2 Eat

Here is this week's timecard drawing.


CaveMatt said...

So what's that work out to after taxes? I'm sorry, that's rude to ask.

htw said...

The little eyeball says it all :)
oh, and I copycated a little because the moon phase keeper-upper-with-er (that's girlspeak for "module") is cool...

becky said...

Wow, man, I dunno if I'll lookit cupcakes the same way again!

Kenny P. said...

Cavematt: Let's put it this way--the cupcake is my salary, and the crocodile is the federal government.

HTW: It IS cool, isn't it? My son loves the moon, so I've got to keep tabs on it.

Becky: But, they will look at you!!!

david gemmill said...

hahhahaha eyeball cupcake? genius!

no its really a genius eyedea.

haha eyedea.

did you know there is a cheezy white battle-rap emcee named eyedea?

anyways. i think the eyeball cupcake deserves to be in a cartoon.


johnnybaffo said...

mmmmm Cup cakes!