Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Yessiree, I'm your man.


sharon spotbottom said...

Pluot moment.

Dominic said...

Hitchhiking to Oklahoma?

Holley T said...

...contorting and overextending yourself to accomodate others?

If so, I empathize mightily.

tina kugler said... this about freelance again?

Kenny P. said...

Yeah. It's about freelance. And, it's about "Nickelodeon Halloween Haunted House" constructing. And, it's about more freelance.

becky said...

Funny, cuz I saw the title before the drawing came up, and I thought, oh, willingness, Buddhism stuff. I empathize, too. The reason I ain't gotten farther on my friggin internship applications is because I cain't say no neither when people're all, oh, could you do this one more thing for me? Could you? Could you? Could you????