Monday, May 12, 2008

Everything's Fine!

Isn't it GREAT???


david gemmill said...

whoa! awesome drawing!! i hope this means your cold is gone.

tina kugler said...

keep on truckin' kenny!

Pat McMicheal said...

Woah...This is some Crazy Shit!!! I LOVE it! On my way to check out the rest of your posts!!

becky said...

Oh, lordy lou! That dude has some serious issues!

Dominic said...

"He goin' to St. Louis,
but his next stop just might be L.A.
(Hitch hike)
Now what'd he say?
Got no money in his pocket
so he gonna have to hitch hike all the way
(All the way)
(Hitch hike baby)
He gots to find that girl
if he have to hitch hike 'round the world."

Kenny P. said...

DG: Thanks! This cold's a stubborn one, but I'll soon have the upper hand.

TK: R.Crumb I aint. I'm just an average crumb.

PM: Thanks! I hope you enjoy your stay in the Korner.

B: Yeah, but he doesn't care.

D: I'd like to see the girl he gots to find!

Holley T said...

a profound sense of desperation...I feel like that when I have a deadline looming!