Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Workout Partner

I was doing my manly workout* late last night when one of Cooper's toys fell on the floor and said, "Peek-a-boo, I see you!"
We've had some ghostly activity here in our old house in the past, so even though a toy falling on the floor and talking wouldn't normally be considered a bizarre occurrence, having something tell you that it sees you when you're alone in a room in a haunted house will give you the chills. BOO!

By the way, thanks for waiting while I went on vacation. We drove 1,291 miles, all together. Cheapest gas: $4.01/gallon. Most expensive gas: $4.99/gallon. We had more travel days than actual "being-there-and-relaxing" days. But, we were able to bring our dog and our two birds, so I guess it was worth it. Oh, and we also got to see 30 houses burn down in Stockton, CA. You don't see that every day (luckily).

*My manly workout consists of doing burpees. I'm working my way up to 400 per session, but last night I did 144.


Holley T said...

Welcome back!

OMG! The Burpees look very sadistic. I have even more of the utmost respect for you.

I don't even know what to say about the gas other than it's brutal.

Dominic said...

Don't worry about the ghost, unless it interferes with your other manly workouts.

david gemmill said...

hahah nice drawing. i hope you had fun on your vacation.

you do burpies too?

400? non stop? or in sets? How is your knee holding up? it must be doing pretty well since burpies involve all that squatting kicking and jumping.

Do you do pushup in your burpies? i try to do them with a pushup when i drop down.

i think this comment has too many questions.

becky said...

Oh, creeeeeeeeeeeeeepy, man! Creepy, creepy, creepy. Paranormal activity, that's creepy-ass stuff. Maybe you could be like the kid in the 6th sense and ask the ghosts what they want.

Kenny P. said...

Holley: Thank you! It's like I never left. And, burpees are pretty sadistic (or masochistic, I guess.) Your respect tickles (my ego)!

Dom: Heh heh heh heh... not yet!

Dave: sets. I think 400 non-stop would be lethal. I usually do them in a pyramid fashion where I start with a set of 1, then a set of 2, then 3, etc. until I hit whatever number and then I work back down to 1. Though last night, I tried starting at the maximum number and worked down to 1. That was more difficult. Today, I'm fairly sore. My knee is holding up pretty well, but we'll see. And, I add the push-up, too. NO PAIN NO GAIN!!!!!! RAAARRRR!!!!

Becky: I hope you enjoy your stay next week. Mwahahhahahahahaaaa!!

tina kugler said...

was it a teletubby?

Kenny P. said...

Tina: No. It was some kind of talking dogcompanion surrogate friend/parent.

tina kugler said...

hmmm. i see. is your house built on top of an indian graveyard by any chance?

Kenny P. said...

Well, we're on the same hill as Forest Lawn, in fact, I could throw a rock from my backyard and hit graves.
I don't ever do that, of course. We have enough paranormal activity already.