Monday, July 21, 2008


Our ol' college pal Sean came out for a visit from the east coast. It's been 13 years since we've seen him. Nobody's changed a bit!
It's been awhile since I was up drinking 'til 5AM, too... Good times!!!


van der anarchy said...

Now thats' t-shirt material.
Gotta love it.
Great ad for Booze.

Vincent Waller said...


Kenny P. said...

Van: Hey, maybe I should make shirts for our next reunion, when we really will look like this!

Vince: You just want me for my suspenders.

Sean from MD said...

WOW what a great weekend. I think the alcohol has finally left my system. That's me with the elbow patches. Good times.

ryan said...

hilarious and awesome! the muddy 70s split pea color scheme works perfectly with the characters

david gemmill said...

the ol' spilling the liquor gag. hahahaaaa