Thursday, August 07, 2008

Business Casual

Originally, I was going to tell you about my experience at Bank of America today where I went to deposit 2 checks and was confronted by their "new, more convenient method" of making deposits at their ATMs where, instead of putting all of your checks, cash, etc. into one envelope and inserting it all at once they now have you insert each check, individually, into the slot where a computer attempts to scan the check and decipher the amount and ask you if it read it correctly and shows you a little image of the check--which ends up taking longer than ever, especially today when, after successfully inserting the first check (handwritten-- a personal check by the way) and having the ATM correctly read the amount, I attempted to insert the second check which the ATM twice spat back out at me saying that it couldn't be read, thereby forcing me to walk into the bank (luckily I was there during business hours) and fill out a deposit slip and go to a bankteller's window and make my deposit the way we did it back in the last century (the last MILLENIUM for crying loud) and the best part is that the unreadable check was issued by flippin' BANK OF AMERICA itself, and was not even handwritten, but was, rather, printed out by a computer-- which, one would assume, would make it that much less of a challenge for the fancy ATM that can read human handwriting to read! But, I won't tell you about that.

I'll tell you instead that my office (which I appreciate very much, thank you--not complaining) at work is right above the main conference room, and sometimes very loud meetings take place there. Today there was some kind of endless, catered gathering of who-knows-who-these-very-important-people-were going on most of the day. It inspired this drawing.


jack raffin said...

haha, that yellow creature thing is adhering to the dress code of business casual, i hope.

B. Johnson said...

Dear Sir,

You're Fired


Holley T said...

I completely understand as far as the "noise from the floor below" thing goes...there is a marble staircase right behind the reference desk and at the foot of that stairway is the children's department, birth through 6th grade. Need I say more?

Adam T said...

You've got to admit it's getting better. It's getting better all the time.

david gemmill said...

ahahaah awesome drawing!

amy beth said...

that thing is everyone i have ever worked for.

i'm getting tired of this.