Friday, November 14, 2008

Cooper Drew This One

If I could have drawn this, then I would have. Cooper has just entered my favorite phase of childhood drawing development. YES!!!


Here's something I drew the other day when I was contemplating my usual, automatic reaction to something that confronts me in a negative way:

I drew it after reading a great article about Aikido by a guy named Charles Tart. It's definitely worth checking out. This drawing, however, was never meant to be looked at by anyone-- it was more a little visual note to myself. Sorry I'm making you look at it now. But, I thought that it might be kind of interesting to juxtapose it with Cooper's drawing.

I could write an essay comparing and contrasting the two drawings, but why read an essay by me when you could be reading Charles Tart's article about Aikido!

1 comment:

becky said...

Oh, cool, Cooper's doin' representational art! I love Charles Tart; he's a very cool guy. There should be more Charles Tarts out there in the world.