Thursday, September 17, 2009


I need a den. Don't you? Maybe you already have one. Is it like this? Do you wear a helmet? Maybe I should get a helmet. I want to be like you. Would that be OK? Let me try it for awhile. Come on. I know how it sounds, but I promise I won't make a mess of your affairs when I show up at your workplace wearing your clothes and doing your job. Is that your wife? She seems nice. Well, OK, see you later.


david gemmill said...

hhahhhaha funny drawing + funny post. that guy is kind of scary but hilarious. He kind of reminds me of those ghosts in the waiting room at the end of beetlejuice


Jeff Gilman said...

wood paneling and crappy couch. love it. saturday basement in the crisp midwest autumn.

stop trying to 'snake' your way in...wait I'm safe. no den.

jack raffin said...


back home i got a sort-of den. with a pool table and everything. but no wood panel-type walls or pictures of fish or something.

no helmet, either, although it's a hilarious touch. hahaha!

johnnybaffo said...


Wine in Thyme said...

very funny today. great drawing and funny musings. Quit coveting other people's dens. create your own damn den (though don't you know den's are out, the man-lair is in).