Monday, December 07, 2009

The Finger

Ha ha, he's giving you The Finger.


Adam Tavares said...

His finger looks salty. Like a mummy's finger. I have a money making scheme if you're interested. Next Halloween we make mummy shaped jerky and we'll call them 'Tuts'. I just need some capital to take this idea off the ground. If you want to bankroll this venture then let me know. Expect a large return on your investment. This idea is a money maker.

Holley T said...

just don't pull it, whatever you do

Kenny P. said...

Adam- Tuts, eh? I'm a vegetarian. Forget it!!! Unless, perhaps, the jerky is made from authentic human mummies. I could get behind that.

Holley- Guffaw! I guffawed at your comment!