Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm finally done with that freelance project I mentioned earlier. Now I can redirect the flow in this direction a bit more. Thanks for waiting.


david gemmill said...

hahaa awesome drawing!!

this will be me soon.

haah my word verification for this comment is:


so weird

please don't raver me

Jeff Gilman said...

glad you're back. can you give any hints on the work (or even better, peeks)?

Kenny P. said...

David- Your animation looked great. I'm going to raver you.

Jeff- I can't show anything, but I can tell you that the project is a pilot created by Mr. Lawrence (the voice of "Plankton," and also one of the writers on SpongeBob) and it involves characters and backgrounds and animation.

Jeff Gilman said...

nice! hope it takes off!