Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Loud Sounding

(These are supposed to be cubicles).

My original intention in doing this drawing was to depict how funny REALLY LOUD SNEEZES sound when taken out of context. Like, if you don't think about it as being a sneeze, then it just sounds like some horrible creature bellowing or something. Ha ha!

Then, a few minutes ago, I realized that the drawing sort of reminded me of the Minotaur in the Labyrinth that Theseus had to face. Now, it isn't so funny.


wayland said...

it really seemed like something more basic. People who work in cubicles become rage monsters, wig out, go postal and madness erupts. snurrrrrrrgggg!!! aaaaakk. wheres my pills.. aaaarrgh. where's my pension!!! ggggggrrraaack!!

Rebecca said...

I could definitely tell they were cubicles, no problem there, nosiree. Cool. It seems like that picture could signify a whole bunch of things. Sneezes are funny.

Indeed, my word verification is: "sizertee". That sounds an awful lot like a sneeze.