Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yeah, what now, little friend? You've got all of Burbank spread out before you. OH, the Possibilities! But, with so much potential, how do you proceed? Fly in any one direction, and you will have left behind 359 degrees of what could have been--any one of which could have offered you a life entirely different from the one you choose, and entirely different from any of the others. It's a lot to consider.

Of course, there are more than 360 ways to go. That's just an arbitrary chopping up of our experience of the world. In reality, there are infinite directions in which to travel--even in a two dimensional framework. The "circle" which we divide into 360 degrees exists only in two dimensions. Add to it the third dimension-- make it a sphere of potentiality, and it's still infinite, but could it contain an even larger infinity of possible directions in which to travel? And what about time? That's often considered the fourth dimension, so if we add that bit of flavor to our pigeon's casserole of potentiality, then it's no wonder he's just sitting there not doing anything. The enormity of the decision paralyzes him!


Adam Tavares said...

It's nice to know even pigeons struggle with buyer's remorse. I can relate. I shouldn't have bought the 54 inch! The 48 was big enough! Now I have to walk through my living room doorway sideways! It's a good thing I didn't go to clown school after high school. Imagine being a clown in this economy! Yikes.

david gemmill said...

this is really hilarious. Definitely one for the book. Could even make a really good office poster for hipsters. you did it again!!!!!!1

becky said...

Poor little birdy. I can relate.