Thursday, April 19, 2012

If you commute any distance to work, you know what I mean.


Jeff said...

Here in China, I've noticed the roadways are more like a beehive, the group works together, rather than each rugged American individual (myself included) who thinks this is 'his' road. Horns here are for warning "here I come" not audible "flipping the bird."

However, the attitude in your post is becoming much more apparent. The expensive cars act like all the others should begone. Western materialism is greatly desired and the privilege of wealth increasingly apparent.

Adam Tavares said...

I feel your pain.

Living in America is like commuting to work. People are shut off from the rest of the world in comfortable technology bubbles, consuming media that's rotting their minds, and are simultaneously envious of and enraged by the old white guy driving an expensive foreign car in the breakdown lane free of all guilt because he can't be late to the 'fundraising' luncheon.

becky said...

i usually have that experience with lexuses and audis. but there have been some mercedes moments too.