Wednesday, September 06, 2006

No Vote For You.

I'm completely in favor of third party candidates. I'm even in favor of creative campaigning. But when Gene Chapman left a blob of spam in the comments of yesterday's post it irritated me. He thanked me for visiting his site, but of course I'd never heard of the guy, let alone visited his website. So, right off the bat, instead of piquing my interest in him as a potential candidate for president, he alienated me with his disingenuousness.
I ultimately DID visit his site so I could see what he looked like, and I thought it was kind of funny that right under his photo is written, "I am an anti-communist!" as though communism is something anyone worries about anymore. That bogeyman is all played-out. Today's buzzword is "Terrorism." (Oops, I mean "Islamo-fascism." pardon me!) Maybe if he'd been running 60 years ago when McCarthyism was in full swing he could have gotten a few fear-votes, but not today. Get with the times, Gene "The Anachronism" Chapman.


becky said...

Yeah, what's up with pricks who leave self-promotional comments on other people's blogs? Makes me pissed off. Or advertisements. It seems like everything in America has been perverted by the corportate-money-power-asshole-shithead mentality. And Islamo-Fascism, too! ('Course, by posting this very comment with a handy-dandy link, I'm promoting my own blog, hmm).

dominic said...

That's not Gene Chapman! That's conservative talk show host Crushed Limpballs.

Nigel Watt said...

Gene is definitely one of those that I won't be voting for.