Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I went running on Sunday, and as usual, some stupid kid had something "clever" to say to me. I wish it had actually gone like this, but I didn't think of that retort until later. It did have a happy ending, though:
I continued running without saying anything, but after about 20 yards, I stopped, turned around and started walking back towards them, and they ran away. I win! Stupid kids.


becky said...

That's the only thing I don't like about running is the obnoxious fools that think they're so clever and funny. It's so easy to be an asshole. I hates assholes.

sharon spotbottom said...

And when i'm washing my car someone ALWAYS walks by and cleverly says 'hey can you come over and wash mine when you're done'?
oh yes, be right over of course.

kenny, your prison haircut gives you insant scary street cred to scare children any time you like. practice your slit eyed scowl and you'll be master of the universe.

Honky D said...

You're stupid. (runs away)

Gene said...

Thank you for visiting ChapmanForPresident08.com.

Gene Chapman

-KP said...

Who the fuck is Gene Chapman? Go to hell Gene Chapman! Get the fuck out!
I never went to your stupid site, and I think your tactics are sneaky and lame.
Gene Chapman....I'll show YOU Gene Chapman....


dominic said...

One word: cow-prod.

For the stupid kids and Gene Chapman.