Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hungry House

The house has been asking for a lot lately. Roof repair, window replacement, new retaining wall, plumber, dryer repair, patching-of-cracks, new foundation, and so on.


Anonymous said...

Yes mine has been asking for dermabrasion and unlimited hot water.

But a New fondation?! Ouch!

d_orlando said...

... uh... just passing through...

Sid said...

that's why we bought a newer one....but I bet if you add our mortgage and your mortgage plus repairs we would be the same. Difference is.... my mortagage goes for 30 years!!!


becky said...

I love love love that picture! It made me laughghghghgh! I guess that's the thing with old houses; they ask 4 a lot, but on the bright side, old houses have SO much charm.

van der anarchy said...

1. Buy more insurance
2. Remove family and sketchbooks.
3. Add high octane gasoline
4. Set alight (like a good boy scout would).
5. Cash check.