Monday, February 11, 2008


Hi. Well, I've managed to avoid having to go to the courthouse in downtown Los Angeles for at least two days this week. But, I know that my luck will probably run out soon.

The jury duty system here is designed to interfere with your life, and inconvenience you, as much as possible. You are pretty much on call and at the mercy of the faceless machine we call the Justice System for an entire week of your life. You have to call in every night to see whether you will be required to COMPLETELY ALTER YOUR LIFE when you get up in the morning. I don't know about you, but my company doesn't pay me for jury duty, so I have to burn one (or more) vacation days, and put everything I need to do completely on hold, in order to go mingle with my wretched peers in some depressing, fluorescent-lit, god-forsaken holding pen.

I know that I'm supposed to feel all patriotic and full of civic pride for jumping through these bureaucratic hoops, but I don't. "But, what if it were you who was on trial? Wouldn't you want the most responsible and nifty jury of your peers sitting there judging you?" Well, I don't know...judging by the people I see around me on an everyday basis, I'd have to say "NO! GOD NOOOOO!!!!!!!"

Anyway, I know that there are worse problems I could have. Jury duty is no big deal. I just had to blog about something.


david gemmill said...

hahhaha hilarious drawing! lets hope you don't get called in. sitting in that room full of random people in some 80s musty building in downtown la was easily one of the worst days of my life. i started mumbling "fuck this" about 100 times in the hallway pacing back and forth, until finally it was down to the last 10 people, and they said we could all go home. reallym it was like some sort of torture chamber.

im crossing my fingers for you buddy.

becky said...

That drawing is great; it sums up my life quite nicely! Funny, how most decisions you make seem right at the time, and then, whomp, you step in a big pile of shit.

That sucks so bad that you have to use vacation! Shit! Hope you get outta it.

Kenny P. said...

Thanks Pal. On the bright side, I would be able to get some reading done.

Holley T said...

ick! jury duty, is there one phrase (or piece of mail) more heinous than a jury duty summons? We might feel some patriotism/civic pride if they could somehow a)make it not such a suck-ass boring experience and b)make our employers cough up some compensation

Dominic said...

You should be able to do jury duty on a web cam from your desk - then you could do your civic duty without wearing any pants.

Vincent Waller said...

Can you feel me judging you through the wall?
But seriously, I (Old man raises his cane) Remember when you had to go down every day whether or not they needed you.

BKL said...

hilarious! :) I agree with you 100%. My jury duty week was two weeks ago, and I was hacking up a lung with my bronchitis in that room. Good luck to you avoiding the call.

Sharon Spotbottom said...

Almost stepped in cheesecake today.
Not really the same is it?