Wednesday, April 30, 2008

From Above

There you are, going along to get along, minding your own wretched business when, out of the cold, infinite void, it bursts forth: Relentless! Merciless! You are as powerless as jelly against its onslaught! Does it pluck, or does it smash? What monster drives this appendage of crushing doom? What shall become of you?

Anyway, this doesn't refer to anything in particular. I just put together a couple drawings from the ol' sketchbook and made a little collage for ye.


Holley T said...

That is so creepy and spidery!

becky said...

Yeah, what Holley said; that hand made me think of a scary-ass spider, man.

tina kugler said...

are you still in a cubicle?
gawd i used to hate it when people did that. that was back in the days of giant headphones (pre ear buds)- i'd be drawing with my nose an inch from the paper, mouth open, most likely drooling...okay i guess i deserved it. never mind.

Dominic said...

For a sec I thought you might've encountered that creep in the parking lot again.

Sharon Spotbottom said...

Looks like it might smell.

Kenny P. said...

H: Thank you!

B: Egads!

TK: Nope, got an office. But, people still sneak up on me.

D: No, but there are a billion more where he came from, so odds are we will all meet up with his ilk.

SS: How, without a nose?