Monday, April 28, 2008




Sharon Spotbottom said...


david gemmill said...

haha i kind of feel like this guy

tina kugler said...

dear kenny,
this would be our reaction to freelance work at the given time. (if he's happy. is he happy? anyway, i mean yes, we would LOVE it.)
also, we are accepting canned goods.
say hi to everyone for us.
tina & carson
ps. email me if you need our number.

becky said...

Bifurcated Head-Man! It's Bifurcated Head-Man! Aaaaaaaaahhh! Or, well, I guess that's his mouth there. His head is bifurcated by his mouth (I luv using fancy words, like, "bifurcated").

Holley T said...

is that what an actual case of the mondays looks like?

Dominic said...

Somebody needs a vacation.

ryan said...

great spongebob!!