Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Train

Here is something I drew with some from Cooper.


Adam T said...

Drawing with little kids is the best. I draw with my nephew all the time. There's nothing better than the unfiltered imagination of an 9 year old to help you come up with original ideas. He still hasn't developed the fear of being 'a weirdo' that kids around that age start to develop. May he never change *sniffle*.

Anonymous said...

You're letting your blog die!

Bob Camp said...

Hi Kenny,
I love your stuff. It's always like I start wondering who did what to you when you were a kid to make you this way.

Kenny P. said...

Adam: Sometimes being called a weirdo just adds fuel to the fire.

Anonymous: Nah, just I took a little break--from EVERYTHING.

Bob: Thanks! As to what happened to me as a kid, see my reply to Adam above!