Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I was doodling last night, and drew this (unfinished, though). Then, this morning, on the way to work, I got in a minor (though pretty damned scary and high-speed) accident.

Some old guy's old truck had broken down on the transition ramp from one freeway to another, and he was stalled in the little triangle area formed by the coming-together of the two roadways. I was looking over my shoulder preparing for the merge, and when I looked back I was careening right towards the old fart's pickup. I managed to avoid a full-on collision (it was so f-ing close, though) and ended up only clipping his right side mirror with my left side mirror.

Once a tow truck had shown up and pushed the disabled truck over to the shoulder where I was waiting (I wasn't about to try to cross those lanes on foot to get to him--people [like me] drive like maniacs there!) we were able to survey the damage. His mirror was ruined, but mine was actually OK. I thought I had totally sideswiped him, too! I offered to pay for a replacement mirror for him, but I guess he felt like it was the least of his problems at that moment, so we parted ways.

Anyway, I'm just glad no one was hurt. Here are a couple pics of where it all went down (with the location of the guy's pickup crudely drawn on the image):

Thank you, Google Maps.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kenny, what kind of pen or something are you using for these drawings? My lines are always like, grainy, you know, like not this clean. Thanks!

Beth Skove, Publisher said...

Yikes! Horrible and dangerous place to break down - both for him and drivers like you (and me). Glad you survived unscathed.

Holley T said...

that was a close one! glad to know everyone was ok

Kenny P. said...

Anonymous: I use different tools on different days. Sometimes it's just a pencil drawing that I scan and subsequently alter in Photoshop. Sometimes I actually draw in Photoshop using the cintiq. When I do that, I usually use a pencil-like brush that I got from a friend. I find that, in general, if I zoom in close enough, my lines are pretty clear. But, if I'm zoomed out too far my lines end up kind of chunky. Also, if I actually draw the lines too slowly they end up chunky, too.

I'm no expert. But, that's what I can tell you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! This is what I mean by that:

See? That's terrible. So, what tool are you exactly using on this one, or like, the house with diapers, Buttface, Current, you know, those look really clean.

Kenny P. said...

Anonymous- For those drawings I used a custom-made photoshop brush and I drew directly in photoshop on my cintiq. Let me ask you, what did you use to draw those lines in the link? I actually like the way they look. It looks like you could benefit from using different paper. If you want smoother lines try using hot-press illustration board.

I hope this helps.

becky said...

Oh, Fuckity-Fuck! That's some scary-ass shit! Glad yer okay!