Friday, January 30, 2009

No, F*** YOU!!!

Maybe you've heard about this. In a nutshell, the Wall Street A-holes who our tax money is being funneled to in the bailout are giving themselves billions of dollars worth of bonuses. "Yeah, job well-done, guys. Thanks!"

So, if you lose your job this year, or your grandpa can't pay his gas bill and he freezes to death this winter, be sure to remember the big F*** YOU that you got from these guys.

Is it time for the guillotines yet?


Anonymous said...

This is all using Cintiq, right?

Adam T said...

It's really disgusting. I first heard about this on CNN and they had some Wall Street bigwig defending the bonuses by saying they were necessary to retain the best talent. I felt like I got punched in the head when I heard that.

1st of all the best talent drank the koolaid like everybody else and got us into this mess. Our tax dollars are awarding the people who were the best at selling the same mortgage backed securities that caused the problem to begin with.

2nd the finance industry is teetering on the brink of destruction. Where the hell is the best talent going to go? Lehman Brothers? Are the execs afraid they're going to be lured away by teaching jobs at the Harvard Business School?

3rd and this probably should have been first. Don't these people feel any guilt at all...

That may be asking too much but don't they at least have the self awareness to realize they should postpone their assholish behavior until the economy improves. It'd be nice to enjoy a couple of good years before they drive us into another economic death spiral.

Kenny P. said...

Anonymous: Yeah, I used the cintiq for this one. Not all of them, though.

Adam: Well said. All of it. And, now hearing about B of A's 5-day Superbowl extravaganza makes me wonder if the banking system should just be nationalized. I don't know enough about it, though. I just know I smell a rat--wait, no, I see that I'm being devoured by a horde of rats.

Dustin Haynes said...

The fact that you think such waste wouldn't occur if the banks were nationalized... it confuses me.

The problem, I think, at it's core, is the consolidation of power into a small elite assholes, which we need less of, not more.

Kenny P. said...

Dustin- As I said, I don't know enough about it.

HonkyD said...

The difference between consolidated state control (nationalizing the banks) and consolidated corporate control (the status quo) is that if you don't like what politicians are doing, you can throw them out. You have no say in who will run your bank. Sure, you can keep all your money in the mattress, or a credit union ... but you probably won't. The convenience is too enticing.

One other key difference is that a nationalized bank can be compelled to do anything by law. It was amusing to see Congress haul banking CEOs before them and grill them for not loaning money, yet they were still powerless to compel any action out of these pieces of shit. A state-owned bank does what you tell it to. These piles of human feces can spew excuses all day, and when all is said and done, still put an addition on their already oversized houses at your expense. It's fucking adorable.