Thursday, January 08, 2009


Check out this depressing article!


Adam T said...

Read all about it! Military Developing Technology To Hide Ugly Truth About War From Soldier's Families!

What kills me is that the reason for creating this technology is for the mental health of soldiers families? What the hell? What's worse news to hear. 'Son, your Dad had his face blown off by an IED.' or 'Son, your Dad had his face blown off by an IED and your mom and your government have been lying to you the whole time and that wasn't your dad you were talking to but a computer.' Are they trying to create a generation of paranoid schizophrenics?

becky said...

Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy! It would be fun to write a short story about it, though. Like, trying to transfer a consciousness into a computer so it can interact with the bereaved as if the person is actually there. It's a story I wanted to write, but I realized there are some Star Trek episodes that're real similar.

It's like that little dog on IBM computers, where you want to search for a file, and the little cartoon dog pretends to search for it, and it acts like a REAL DOG! But in this case it's a simulation of a REAL PERSON. Okay, now I'm getting all long-winded and blathery.

Adam T said...

Cool drawing by the way. You don't see cube nipples everyday.

My word verification word is 'demon'!

ryan said...

Those are the hottest robo titties I've ever seen in my life.