Friday, May 01, 2009


It's kind of sad that I've come to expect horrible service from most any business I have to deal with. On the other hand, it just makes those rare places that have friendly, helpful, honest, efficient, knowledgeable customer service shine all the brighter.

I do hereby thank, and heartily recommend Computer Country (in Burbank-- sorry rest of the world) to anyone who needs to have a computer repaired (or updated, or whatever). Our computer started to reek of burning plastic and then shut itself down a couple days ago, and I brought it to Lorie and Dave at Computer Country yesterday about an hour before they closed. They were friendly, personable, and obviously knew what they were doing (they have a nice dog, too!) Lorie called this morning the minute they opened and told me my computer was ready to be picked up!

As an aside, it turns out that our computer has the somewhat dubious honor of having had the most "crap" (like temporary internet files and stuff) on it of any computer that has ever darkened the door of Computer Country! We suck! But, that wasn't the problem-- it was a fried power supply thingy. Thanks again!


Holley T said...

It is truly a great thing to find a good, personable business in today's world...I wish Computer Country weren't so far away or I could probably give you a run for your money on that "crap" title

tom said...

it looks as you might have been frustrated with your computer machine

david gemmill said...

sorry that your computer was so BURNT OUT. glad you got that badboy back up and running again. now you can start archiving your blog posts for the big BOOK. hahaha. :)

jack raffin said...

can someone tell becky that i can´t get to her song blog anymore?

meanwhile: kenny, you the man. this blog makes me SMILE!

tina kugler said...

i just have to say that's the best computer business name EVER. do they use the log font? because they totally should.