Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Some kid bit Cooper in the face at school today. Yes, bit him in the face.

Dealing with stuff like this is part of a parent's job. Dealing with it in the right way can be tough. Emotions and all that stuff-- they can cloud the judgment. This image represents my emotions upon hearing what had happened. If I had actually been there, I know I would have kept my head, but hearing it over the phone adds a distance that magnifies the feeling of helplessness at not being able to do anything-- not even comfort Cooper. So, the (normal, I think) feeling of anger had extra fuel supplied by the feeling of helplessness. I was QUITE ANGRY! But, after awhile, the anger subsided. It's hard to justify wanting to strangle a 3 year old kid for very long. Still, that kind of behavior has to be snuffed out early.

It was sort of synchronistic that I had a documentary about psychopaths running in the background while I was working at the time I got the call. Did you know that, in Great Britain at least, a child CANNOT be diagnosed as a psychopath or as having a personality disorder? I guess that, if the monster is a kid, we somehow hold out hope that he can change. (It doesn't seem to be the case, though). Anyway, the little person at Cooper's school probably isn't a psychopath. Probably.

Oh, and I'm not either.


david gemmill said...

:( jeez. Kids today.

Ryan Kramer said...

hope he's alright!

cool pic nonetheless :P

Anonymous said...

Bitten once? Painful, but understandable. Bitten three times, by the same girl? That got me ANGRY.... When my son was 3-ish, he was bit by one of his friends at day care. Got all the paperwork, etc. Was shocked, triple-washed the wound when he got home..... But then it happened again. And again the following week! At first they wouldn't tell me her name, but finally they did. She was actually a girl he liked to play with. for some reason she was a biter. Weird, but thankfully, short-lived. Hope your baby's days as a teething ring are officially behind him.

johnnybaffo said...

I heard about the bite last week and I have to admit I was really angry about it myself. It's especially traumatic to be attacked like that in the face as opposed to an arm or something. I tried to figure out what I would do about a situation like that and some of my thoughts bordered on psychotic as well. Later I realized that kids that age are still dealing with alot of animal instincts that they haven't learned how to deal with yet so I guess you have to give them another chance before you choke them. However I am having a really hard time dealing with my emotions toward the guy that sits next to me and sucks his fucking teeth all the time. I really want to grab him by the hair and bash his fucking face in. I will never do this but it's the animal side of me reacting to a really annoying habit.
Thanks for your time Doctor