Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Doubly Obnoxious

I admit it, from time to time I'll make a quick call on my cell phone when I'm grocery shopping. I might ask if we need such-and-such or "What was that thing that you wanted?" or whatever. Always brief, always unobtrusive. That's my way.

I was at a grocery store yesterday, and not only was some woman on her cell phone the entire time she was in the store, she was also on speaker phone. So, I, and anyone else in the vicinity, got to hear BOTH sides of her inane conversation. I don't get it. It isn't as if having it on speaker freed up her hands or anything. She was holding the phone in front of her stupid mouth! How is that any easier than holding it to her ear? Also, since there is a lot of background noise in a grocery store, she often asked the dope she was speaking to to repeat himself!

Does she think she's the star of a television show where the audience (everyone else on earth) needs to hear all of the dialogue in order to follow her story? What the hell?


Jeff Gilman said...

A lot to respond to, but I just LOVE her right hand. I can't take my eyes off it. I think I shall kneel and kiss it and thank her for deigning to let me listen to her conversation.

becky said...

People just love to feel important cuz, like, wow, someone's talking to them on a phone. That makes them all big and important. When I see them, I always wish I could be as cool as them, those cell phone-in-supermarket-talkers. (Just kidding).

david gemmill said...

haahah. i love idiots. because they reward us with stories like this one.

what a hilarious blabber mouth drawing!!!

Momza said...

I think you and I were in the same store yesterday. Makes you wonder why someone would subject the whole world to listening to their life in real time?
Another cell phone annoyance: People in line at like, Subway, on the phone talking while the employee and everyone else is waiting for them to spit out their order so we can move along!
Neat pic!

Adam Tavares said...

Maybe the speaker in the ear piece was broken but if that is the case she should have found a private place to make a call and keep it short. That probably isn't the case. Some people like confrontation and they will act like jerks just so they can get it. She'd probably be thrilled that her obnoxiousness inspired you to draw this cartoon.

AshleyZorel said...

You should have just joined the conversation to freak her out. Obviously everyone was invited.

kris.w said...

i love this post and drawing!

i say we push her down some stairs.