Wednesday, January 20, 2010


(February 10th: I couldn't stand having that commercial start playing every time I visited the ol' blog, so I got rid of the video. Here's a nice still to look at instead).

Here's another short (after the commercial, that is) from that I got to storyboard-direct. It's called Juiceman. They never tell me when my shorts are going to be online. I've done quite a few of these now, but I haven't seen them all. At least this one's under the "Most Popular" heading... that's gratifying.


chrisallison said...

Does storyboard-direct entail that you wrote it too? This was hilarious! The double face, the stiff/stuck catch pose in the sand, the swollen toe, and the bloated Bob. Great job, Kenny! If you find out when they post more, tell us!

Kenny P. said...

Hey Chris, I get an outline from the writers and then I come up with all the gags and dialogue and whatnot. I also have quite a bit of leeway, so I can alter even the basic stuff. I just tried to find the outline I worked from, but I guess I didn't keep it. Thanks for liking it!

david gemmill said...

haahhahaa this awesome!!!! that wipe was so hilarious

Kenny P. said...

Thanks David! I didn't want to say anything, but the action of the wipe didn't come out exactly as I'd envisioned it. I wanted the toe to snap to its expanded state in the end position (away from the kid's face) so the action would have a clear silhouette. I think the gag still works, though.

Miss U. :(

Pat Desilets said...

Very nice!
I also looked at the rest of your blog, AWESOME stuff!

HonkyD said...

Hey! That was my outline!

nice job, Kenny. I guess people really DO like us.