Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Red Flag

When they start talking "Freedom" you just know it's a marketing ploy. It should raise a Red Flag, all right! These guys wouldn't know Freedom if it walked up to them topless and blew pot smoke in their faces.


Anonymous said...

Thumbs up yo!

kris.w said...

i MUST have this on a shirt! MUUUUST!!

Adam Tavares said...

Agreed! If people wanted real freedom they'd be parachuted into the jungle naked.

Freedom from the responsibility to give back what they take to others is what people love. That's what freedom is these days, selfishness.

Real freedom is frightening! It's a life of personal responsibility on the front lines without the social safety net. Nobody wants that not even Libertarians. They just want to dismantle the government safety net because they're already well positioned over the economic one. Whoa, it's so easy to rant.

I dig your drawing. It's like Ralph Steadman but more controlled. I love khaki crotch creases too.

Dom said...

Thanks a a lot for getting me started on this one. Just when I was calming down for the weekend.