Monday, August 27, 2007

I've Got a Knife


van der anarchy said...

It's about time you render another pic of me!!
Where's my whiskey bottle!!
Full MOON, Eclipse, Whiskey.
I can't wait till halloween, when I can run around my neighborhood in undies and a knife!!

dominic said...

Oh, and I thought that you were just happy to see me.

becky said...

I like the facial expression.

Anonymous said...

this fellow seems to be up to some unsavory antics. I realized why you my not remember me, I abandoned my old moniker "Moose" when I left the Corps



Kenny P. said...


That's better. Thanks for clearing up the mystery! Why haven't you e-mailed me yet, you old so-and-so? cacques(at)hotmail(dot)com


Anonymous said...

I wanted to let the old sin thing calm down before I commented again on that string. It appears to me, or it may be a misunderstanding that this fellow may be out to perform a particular amputation upon the previous piece of art. I guess sometimes times it is the simpletons, and sometimes the demented that are without hypocrisy. Not that I think we should be slicing anyone, but it would be nice if it were so easy.