Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Funny how much televangelists look like politicians. Oh wait, they are politicians.


Anonymous said...

"If we do the work that we can do in this country, the work that we will do when John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk, get up out of that wheelchair and walk again."

--John Edwards

I'm Babby Cakes said...

Babby Cakes says "I tried reading this book called the Holy Bible. It sucks. i couldn't get past the first chapter. Don't buy this author's work, it's crap"

becky said...

Cool, cool, cool picture, really sums up a lot!

Anonymous said...

Funny how people who consider themselves liberals are so willing to prop up non traditional ways of life but are quite willing to attack Christianity. Why not love all, and not just the fruitcakes. I would agree, however that televangelist seem to speak with a forked toungue and are just as demanding of our money as politicians, liberal... conservative or otherwise.


Holley T said...

I can't decide if I think that's a forked tongue or he's been stabbed in the mouth with an arrow...both are equally appealing...


Kenny P. said...


Since you posted that comment on my blog in response to my drawing of a televangelist I can only assume that the person who "considers [himself] a liberal" you are referring to is me and that you weren't simply musing on some abstract liberal archetype. If I'm wrong, then forgive me and ignore the rest of this rant.

I don't consider myself a liberal. Sure, I hold some liberal points of view, but I hold some conservative points of view, as well (and my head hasn't even exploded from the effort--in fact I still have room in there for more ideas!). I even hold some views which have nothing at all to do with political affiliation. Imagine that, if you can! I don't feel the need to join a team and then shout "RAH RAH!" for us, and "BOO!" for them.

As for attacking Christianity, well, I was actually lampooning those hypocritical clowns who shout, sweat, and strut around onstage in the name of God while soliciting money! Tell me, what "non traditional ways of life" did you see me "propping up?" Do mean to say that critical thinking is non-traditional? Because, I would have to agree with you in that case! And, what "fruitcakes" did you think I was expressing love for?

If I wanted to love "just the fruitcakes", then what business is it of yours? Who are you to suggest that I, or anyone else, "love all" anyway? Do you "love all?" I bet you don't. And, I bet you'd be hard pressed to actually find someone who REALLY does "love all", rather than people who just talk about it, or at best, strive for it.

And, since you brought it up, why not attack Christianity? Why not attack ALL RELIGIONS that have histories of attacking others? And, on the other hand, why not prop up ways of life, non-traditional or otherwise, that have never hurt anyone?

Do you believe there's a "War on Christmas" because Bill O'Reilly tells you so? He's the same as the damn televangelist! Wake up! Your glass house is not actually under attack!!! Relax! There's no conspiracy to kill Santa Claus. And, while I'm at it, let me point out that Harry Potter is not the devil! J.K. Rowling isn't trying to indoctrinate the poor, defenseless children of the world into sorcery. (Sorcery, for crying out loud! What century is this???)That's why her books are in the FICTION section! People who think they have a duty to be the Morality Police, and who try to get books banned, and who want to control the behavior of others make me sick! Leave the sane people of the world alone, and let us make our own decisions!!!

All right. I'm done. If I misunderstood your comment, and you weren't referring directly to me, well, sorry for the venom. Still, you made a straw man argument, and someone had to call you on it.

dominic said...

Toonevangelists are more fun.

becky said...

Hmm, yeah, that's funny. I didn't see that as "an attack on Christianity" when I saw it. Looked more like a funny cartoon.

Anonymous said...

It is funny. It is interesting how things can be misunderstood. I was referring to "i'm babby cakes" comment about the Bible being crap. So I would agree with Becky. If you read my earlier comment it was actually agreeing with lampooning hypocrites. While it may enrich televangilist to bilk people for their money so they can drive expensive cars, it may demote Christianity in some people's eyes. Let me be clear...I do not think this art is an attack on Christianity. Sorry for starting this maelstorm.



sharon spotbottom said...

I get it Kenny!

Kenny P. said...

My mistake.

johnnybaffo said...

That was a good rant Kenny,
This is not directed at anyone in particular but I just wanted to rant a little bit also.
Religion is a powerful tool. It can be a comfort and even a life saver for people in need or it can spread hate and greed in the hands of evil megelamanics. I can't get behind any particular religion myself but I've been reading about different religions for awhile and they all have bits of wisdom and some good ideas on how to deal with life. I've met many intellegent, kind and compassionate people who are deeply religious and I don't want to challenge their faith or make them feel stupid for their beliefs. I'm trying to be better at judging people by their actions and not by their affliiations, which can be difficult. I guess I am addressing Babby Cakes on one point by saying that sometimes we tend to get so pissed off at certain groups and can't see any of the positive things they might bring to the table. Unless you are completely joking about that Bible sucking I'd have to say that you are missing out on one of the largest read and studied manuscripts on the planet. You don't have to be a Jew or a Christian to see that. Most of the crap that you get from evengelists and conservative Christians is just their fucked up translation of the text. You might want to give it a little read just to know what all the fuss is about.