Thursday, August 02, 2007

Let's Celebrate

I finally finished my freelance tonight.


htw said...

I don't know what it is, but I support it! Congrats on working hard and finishing up. How long until you're on the mend from your knee surgery?

Kenny P. said...

Thanks, HTW! They say it takes 6-8 weeks before it's completely healed. So, that isn't too bad. I'm walking around without crutches or a cane already-- I just limp a little.

david gemmill said...

so wait. when you were riding your bike all those times was that a good thing or bad thing for your knee?? hmmm. bike riding is fun indeed. i dunno how you can hack it. especially in this heat, biking to work. that is, unless you live 3 minutes away on flat ground and lots of shade. hmmm.

nice work on finishing up that freelance. you should put out a book, sell it, make millions and then get knee massages everyday.

Kenny P. said...

Hey Dave,
Supposedly, biking was OK for my knee. At least that's what one doctor told me. But, yeah, it was kind of horribly hot. I've come to really dislike Summer. The heat is miserable, the smog is miserable, the only nice part is that is stays light later.

About the book...I plan to do it...I do.


becky said...

Cool, man, cool. Nice, dreamlike quality, that.

sharon spotbottom said...

Finished freelance, lost head....lanced right off?