Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Amaze Your Friends!

You could go to this website and maybe make yourself smarter. They even have a free 2 week trial. What have you got to lose? The only drawback is that the stupid people of the world will all remain at their current level, so you'll just be that much more annoyed by them.

(Thanks to Holley for bringing that site to my attention...there's also a link to it on her blog, "Holley's House." Go there, too. She's cool).


becky said...

B-4 I read the caption, I thought it was a picture of what'd happen if you blew your nose too hard.

dominic said...

Keep away from pin pricks.

sharon spotbottom said...

Uh oh, Becky needs the web site!!

Holley T said...

I just signed up! I've been seriously coveting the Nintendo DS Brain Age games since I saw the first commercial and this looks pretty close or at least as close as I'll get anytime soon. I've intended to sign up at Luminosty for a while and just forgot (see...I need it!) to do it until now. Hey KP! Thanks for the reminder AND the plug :)