Friday, September 28, 2007

Time Out

Cooper had to go to the emergency room Wednesday night because he was having trouble breathing. His chest X-ray indicated that he had pneumonia (which is going around, apparently). They released him at 2:30am (has anyone ever spent less than 5 hours at an ER? Not me.) We ended up going back 5 hours later, and they admitted him and kept him overnight.
He's home now, and doing much better. But, we're all pretty worn out. It was quite an ordeal.


becky said...

That must've been so nerve-wracking for you and Nina! Hope little Cooper feels better soon. I hates hospitals. I've found that, not only do they keep you there forever, but they do their level-best to treat you like shit. (Wow, I've probably just offended the medical community). It's been scientifically demonstrated that treating people nice and making them feel understood are highly influential in healing, but nowhere in medical school do they even come close to teaching bedside manner. No, indeed, when you enter an emergency room, they treat you with utmost contempt and get all mad and inconvenienced at you for being sick in the first place. Sorry 'bout the rant.

sharon spotbottom said...

Cooper is in so much trouble for worrying his Kenny ;)
So not fun. cof, heave, sweat, cry, pant, grissle. Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Cooper, I know hospitals tend not to be too hospitable. I hope they took care of him and that he is feeling better. I can't imagine it was a positive experience. Alright little guy, this isn't going to hurt a bit (insert I.V.). The cure for all that is loving parents, so he is cured. As for offending the medical community (this is to Ms. Becky) I for one am not offended. It must be taken into consideration, however, what an E.R. is. It is the dumping ground for the uninsured. People think health care is a right whether they are citizens of this country, whether they can afford it but choose not to pay, or if they just can't afford it. As the local doctor's office does not have to accept patients, the E.R. does. As such, they are overwhelmed with non-emergent illnesses. Furthermore, the hardworking people in the E.R. end up providing much of their services for free. Despite what the community believes about the altruism of physicians, nurses and other medical professionals; they do like to get compensated for the care they provide. These people, and they are people, can become jaded on the care they provide and this may transfer to people like you, Becky, and Cooper. As for health care being a right, that is not the case. I know you did not state it was but now I am on my rant. Rights are things that can be taken away, such as freedom. We are born free and not under dominion. While most of us are born in a hospital that does not mean we have a right for continued medical care. This, in a sense, is enslaving physicians and removing their freedoms determining who they are going to work for. Providing free health care is a gift not a right. I've got to take care of my family now, I may continue this rant later.



Holley T said...

Okay, I take back everything I said about Cooper having to do his own homework! Send it to me and I'll do know, when he's old enough to have homework :)

Hope your little feller's feeling better soon!

Dominic said...
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Christy H. said...

Sorry to hear about li'l Cooper - poor li'l tyke. I'm glad you caught the bug and I hope he feels all the way better soon.

Dominic said...

Sorry to hear about little Cooper being sick. Pneumonia is nothing to scoff at, just be careful with the antibiotics.

Wishing the best of health for your son!

david gemmill said...

I hope everything is okay by now. diseases and germs and the such are dangerous and scary

becky said...

Hi Matt,

Yeah, man, I hear ya about people bein' jaded, but, frankly, if Dr's and nurses are havin' a problem with that, then they should do some serious SELF-CARE and not take it out on their patients. Because it is unethical to harm people under your care, in any way, shape, or form. And, by the way, I do know a little bit about this, because I am a practicing psychologist, so I get to clean up the messes made by the medical community and their inhumane treatment of those who do not have a lot of money. Trauma is some serious-ass shit, and to mistreat someone who is vulnerable and sick is wrong, under ANY reasonable moral standard.