Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Magazine!

This is my idea for a new magazine. What do you think?


Sean in MD said...

I think venison is tasty.

Adam T said...

Seems like you could have a broad readership there. Here's some ideas for articles.

1. Parking your sports car in your driveway for maximum viewability.

2. Tricks for financing that boat you won't use very often.

3. A quiz which will predict how many insecure women you will plow in the next calendar year.

Brian Goss said...

I love magazines about taxidermy!

Pat McMicheal said...

The possibilities are endless!

Workhorse said...

if you could get Chuck Norris to be the editor then -
consider myself a lifetime reader

Kenny P. said...

Sean: Venison is pretty tasty, but I'd say that Oreo cookies are even more tasty. The difference is that no one makes a trophy out of an empty Oreo package (even though buying Oreos is about as difficult and glorious an achievement as shooting a deer with a rifle).

Adam: You will definitely be on staff. Those are just the kind of ideas I'm looking for.

Sean in MD said...

Although both are tasty, I disagree. I would prefer venison on the grill.

There are a lot of people that actually need to hunt for food. Many of these people live in the Appalachian Mt. region. I think there would be more glorious achievement in putting food on the table and a genuine pride of survival in a trophy like the tacky deer head over the fireplace than say a bowling trophy or elephant foot umbrella stand.

I do agree that Adam should get the job. I laughed out loud at #2.

Anonymous said...

So what do you propose to do with the deer? If you don't want to hunt them you either need to reintroduce all their predators (the ones we took out because they eat our pets and attack children--like coyotes, wolves, etc), make farmers quit producing deer food (like corn and wheat) or shall we just let them collectively starve or succumb to a wasting disease since we don't want to cull the herd. What is your choice?

Anonymous said...

So what happened to the political cartoons? There is so much material with the Obamamessiah:

The snub of the British;
The Russian "Reset button" fiasco;
the break of the no lobbyists pledge;
the break of the no earmarks pledge;
the unprecedented amounts of spending;
the Iraq Surge baseline that Obama assumed would continue ten years into the future with inflation increases which would the not be spent and thus be a "savings" to make his budget look better;
do you need more material? I can send a ton over. Your kids will be paying for it all--and you can't even cartoon it?

Kenny P. said...

Yay! Todd-- oops, I mean "Anonymous" (why do I keep doing that?) is back. I didn't even have to post anything of a political nature. I think this shows that he's branching out. Very healthy! Or, it just shows that he's been lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce, but when nothing political showed up he just couldn't contain himself anymore. Very pathological! Maybe the sight of a headless animal stirred up his predator instincts.

It occurs to me that his comments here represent a kind of "Manly Accomplishment" to him. I'll have to include them in a future edition of the magazine!