Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wrong Tool

It looks like a screwdriver might be more effective here.

A screwdriver is made from orange juice and vodka.

Vodka is made from potatoes.

Potatoes grow underground.

So, if we take the surface of the ground to be a metaphor for the persona, and the potato for what lies beneath, then you could ask someone to be more authentic by saying, "Show me your potatoes."

Who knows what will happen next?


ArtF said...

it's all in the eyes! the EYES!!!

truen wohnrade said...

i love this picture! i always love your pictures, but this guy with his feet holding the mask- AWESOME!!!

Holley T said...

with the day we've had here in the liberry, I wouldn't blink an eye if someone asked me that...I would only now know what they mean but I'm just sayin