Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fees Cease

Aren't you tired of always having to pay fees? A fee for this; a fee for that!


Wherever you are, no matter who's around, stand up, and at the top of your lungs yell, "FEES CEASE!!!"

Do it now! DO IT!!!


Adam T said...


You know what else. I want sales tax already included in prices. Same for tips at restaurants. They know what things are really going to cost me! Boo to unnecessary arithmetic!

Kenny P. said...

Adam- Yeah, but more importantly, have you yelled, "Fees Cease!!!" yet?
It's very rewarding.

david gemmill said...

haha..it's kind of a pun. kind of not.


Jeff Gilman said...

I like how it makes me sound kind of stupid as I yell it. I should log that in my diahrea today.

johnnybaffo said...

And try "Feces Cease". If you're tired of all the shit

krem said...

i don't think i would say it even if my mouth was filled with it. i would probably scream poop or merde or something.

becky said...

Okay, wow, I'm slowwwwww. How long ago did you put that one on there? It took me that long to realize it was "feces." Ha ha ha. Word Verification: culabo
It didn't like my culabo. Now I have to type in spolsen

Kenny P. said...

April 14th! Ages ago.