Monday, April 20, 2009


Our dog Pepper, who you long-time Kenny's Korner visitors might remember from this post a couple years ago, has an aggressive form of cancer. We're probably going to have to have her put to sleep tomorrow before her suffering becomes too much for her to bear.

This morning Pepper was standing in the living room, and our two cockatiels were flying around getting their morning exercise, when Frosty (Frosty is almost totally white) lost one of his feathers and it floated down and landed right on Pepper's back.

It was heartbreaking and beautiful. I'm going to miss her so much.

Update: She actually seems a little better today. It's a close call, but she's still with us.

Her chest X-ray from Saturday showed a lot of fluid buildup in her chest cavity, which is making it difficult for her to breathe. The vet said that a lot of dogs with a chest X-ray like that wouldn't even be able to get up and walk. So, since she was still acting fairly normal, he prescribed a diuretic to try to flush out some of the fluid, and hopefully buy her a little more time. It could be that it's taken this long for it to have a noticeable effect.

So, we're thankful for whatever time she has left. And, thank you for your kind words and thoughts.


becky said...

Oh gosh, I'm so sorry. I wish poor dear Pepper peace.

Vincent Waller said...

I'm sorry Kenny, she like seemed like a real sweetheart. But know that you and the family gave her a slice of the good life.

Beth Skove, Publisher said...

I cried every night for a week over my dog Bailey as she was dying from liver failure. In the end, I regretted that I waited that extra week to put her to sleep, as she was truly miserable, but I couldn't let go. It is 12 years later and I still miss her sometimes. I'm sure Pepper has had a great life with you. It is hard to say goodbye to those we love.

david gemmill said...

sorry buddy, :(

your drawing captured the simple tiny moments in life that most people ignore because they are too busy being wieners.