Tuesday, April 14, 2009

(More) Tales of the Unexplained

Sorry for the hastily done image, but who cares?  It's the story that counts this time.

I got home this evening just before 7pm, and no one else was here, so I decided to go outside and pull some weeds in the front yard before it got dark.  I came inside at about 8pm, and discovered that my lava lamp was on.  

The weird thing about it is that the "lava" was still in that "brain" stage that occurs about 5-10 minutes after you switch the lamp on, and that only lasts about 10-15 minutes before it gets all blobby.   So, somehow the lamp was turned on when no one was in the house.  



becky said...

Pretty creepy. It's like your house is this ghostal vortex or something.

johnnybaffo said...

Alright I'll admit it, I love lava lamps sooo much that i broke into your house and turned it on. I just wish you would have pulled some more weeds so I could enjoy the cool meditative stage of the wax. I guess next time i will plant extra weeds in your front yard before turning on the lamp.

Vincent Waller said...

Oh check his archives. Kenny's Korner has good ghosts...and things.

If I was a ghost I'd do little things like turning on your lava lamp. Things that make you feel welcome, and cozy.

Then at night I'd gnaw the floorboards to loll you to sleep.

Holley T said...

you do seem to deal with more than your fair share of ghosties...does your house have a history?

my word verification is "forki"

Kenny P. said...

Becky- I know, it's weird, but kinda cool, too.

Johnny- You should plant some weeeeed in my yard.

Vincent- Thank you. If you ever need it, you've got the job!

Holley- The house was built in 1925 and, unfortunately, I know almost nothing of its history. I wish I could learn more. Forki!

morsel music said...

You never know, that lava lamp would be a new-fangled contraption of the future to a ghost of the 20's or 30's!