Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Sing Pretty

The question I get asked more than any other is, "Sure, we see that you like to draw, but are you able to improvise lyrics and carry a tune?" Well, my answer is, "That's up for interpretation."

Anyway, here's what this is: For the past 9 years or so, my friend and coworker, Tom, has periodically gathered together people from work to have "jam-sessions" at his house during our lunch hour. The participants in this ritual are hardly ever the same group from one session to the next (variety being the spice of life, and all that). The quality of musical talent varies greatly, but usually the resulting recordings are somewhat listenable. The music (and lyrics-- all of it) is totally improvised and unrehearsed-- right on the spot. The participants usually switch from instrument to instrument, and to microphone, between songs. Whatever gets recorded is whatever happens in the moment. It's kind of a cool idea, isn't it?

This song is from a jam session that occurred a couple years ago. The song is called "Alcohol", and the "band" is called "Tomorrow's Regrets." On this song, Tom played bass, Jay played drums, Brian played guitar, and I did the, um,
singing. Enjoy...but don't use it without permission from Jerk Records.

(Click anywhere on the above text to download the song. I hope this works, let me know if it doesn't.)


KokoWorks said...

Fun song, and guess what? You're not terrible. You're better than most open mic acts as a matter of fact. ;)

Vincent Waller said...

See you Dimples next Friday!

becky said...

Poop, it didn't play on the 2 computers I tried it on, poop, poop, poop.

jp bondy said...

hey, i know this song!!