Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I know, I know...even the ghosts are getting bored with all the blog posts I've done about them.

Well, here's another one-- it's kinda short.

Yesterday, Nina was in the kids' room playing with them, and, as you may know, it's Summer here, and it gets pretty hot, even by late morning.

Nina: "We need to get you dressed."

Cooper: "Mommy, can I wear something warm today?"

Nina: "No, you should dress in something cool because it's so hot."

Cooper: "But, Mommy, I'm really cold."

Nina went over and sat down next to him, and she suddenly got goosebumps because it was so cold where he was sitting. Spoooooky!


Vincent Waller said...

My veri word is Dimper, that must be German for whimper which is what I'm doing now.

Johnnybaffo said...

You should ask that ghost to stand in front of the fan so you can cool the whole house off. Save alot on AC.

kris.w said...

oh, f**k THAT!!

so how do you explain this stuff to your kids? or do you not?

Kenny P. said...

Vincent: I know...what's next? Ectoplasm running down the walls?

Johnny: Hey, that's better than my idea of getting the whole family to huddle in the cold spot.

Kris: Well, first I have to be able to explain it to myself! I feel like the dumb family in the horror movies who should obviously move out, but don't until it's too late.

johnnybaffo said...

Or maybe it could be like one of the benevolent ghost movies where the ghost is trying to show you something profound. Maybe you will find buried treasure! Oooh optimism.