Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's my Korner...

...and, I'll Kry if I want to.


becky said...

Awh, that's kind of sad.

jack raffin said...

ah, man. don't cry. i mean, kry.

i'm listening to that song "alcohol" you posted, right now.

hahaha. good times. which comes just in time as i'm drinking some nectar myself. red wine and some smokes at 2am can't be beat, i think. makes me want to write some short stories and decitate them to chuck bukowski.

speaking of doing vocals, i found myself as singer in some band recently. which is kinda awkward cos i can't hide behind an instrument. and can't sing. haha.

goddamn, you guys do this at lunchtime? why can't i be cartoonist? you guys always have the most fun

jack raffin said...

ah, also:

just saw the trailer for the new coen bros movie and feel i have to pass it on to everyone i know or meet

the editing on this trailer is incredible. this trailer - i'll go as far to say - is better than most movies made today.

Kenny P. said...

That trailer was good! Thanks Jack. And, you CAN be a cartoonist! You've got the 2am drunkenness part down...the rest is just scribbling.

Jeff Gilman said...

what happened to the 'lagoon'? I liked it!