Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Send in the...

I was thinking, as I sometimes do, about the nature of "kidding." Often, when one wants to say something cruel or socially unacceptable they cloak it in a "joke," and that makes it OK. Clowns operate in that way. Viruses do, too.

Viruses can only pass through the body's defenses by wearing a protein coat (or something like that). It fools the body into thinking, "Oh, this guy's OK. He's just a plain ol' protein thingy." Then, when the little bastard gets in, it delivers its payload and WHAM! You're in big trouble.

That's all I have to say, dummy. Just kidding! Ha Ha! I was only joking when I called you a dummy! Have a good laugh at your own expense, buddy!


Holley T said...

I have plenty of patrons who think they are cleverly disguising their criticism with humor and I usually fail to see the humor though I find it's the perfect opportunity for my big, toothy, dead-eyed shark smile..perfected after 13 years of public service

johnnybaffo said...

I think there's some wiggle room here. It's true that teasing can be mean spirited but it can also be thought of as a special kind of communication between friends. It can be an ice breaker when meeting new people also. It all depends on the person. I've felt hurt by one persons "joke" and been happily amused by personal jabs from others.

On another note, it sure seems that making fun of people is a very popular form of comedy these days. ie Family Guy, South Park, Sarah Silverman, just to name a few.

kris.w said...


oh yeah, and cool drawing!