Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cold Snap!

We've been hit with some serious wintry weather here in the greater Los Angeles area (the "Southland" as newscasters like to say). Why today's HIGH temperature was a mere 61 degrees fahrenheit!!!


sharon spotbottom said...

Holy cr*p, that aint right at all!!
It's going to be 29 here in the great autumnal North overnight and it only hit 49 today!! Nooooooo.
I have bought a sweater! It's official.
Sharon aint in LA anymore Virginia.

becky said...

When I lived in New Hampshire, I called some people I knew in CA. I said, "it was really warm today. It was in the 40's." The person in CA said, "it was really cold here today. It was in the 40's."

Actually, it's colder'n a dead witch here in sunny Palo Alto. I think it's in the 50's during the day. And poopy-ass freezing at night.