Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Stupid Neighbor

The city is resurfacing the streets in my neighborhood, and this morning they did ours. They warned us a few days in advance that we wouldn't be able to park, drive upon, or walk upon the street between the hours of 7AM-4PM of something. It's an inconvenience, yes, but at least the street will be like new.
So, I was getting ready for work, and I saw a worker out the window putting the finishing touches on the street: nice and smooth and pretty. About two minutes after the guy was out of sight my idiot neighbor pulls out of his driveway and drives away up the street leaving horrible gashes all the way up the hill! He ruined the street!
Luckily, the poor bastard who had just finished smoothing out the entire street was able to come back and attempt to repair the damage. It looked awful after he finished anyway, but he had done the best he could under the circumstances.
Hopefully the oily, sticky, black muck will never wash off my neighbor's car. IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT!!!


sharon spotbottom said...

That's a beautiful story as seen from your 4 story building.
What a freaking eeeeejit in his newly tared car.

-KP said...

Well, I do live on a hill, so I was probably about 3.5 stories above the street. I'm a stickler for accuracy.

Thanks for noticing! ;)

sharon spotbottom said...

Well done then stickler.

becky said...

Yeah, and it's like, I'm sure this poopy poopworthy poopy neighbor in his poopiness thinks it's just fine to make the poor tar-spreader-guy work harder. It's like, oh, that's his job. It's his job to clean up my messes. Elitist poopyman.

d_orlando said...

Annoying neighbor?

Three and a half stories?

High-powered slingshot.