Thursday, January 18, 2007

Reset Button

There isn't one!


sharon spotbottom said...

Now that's reeeally testing the lizard man theory.
Five bucks says you grow it back.

ryan said...


wanna hear something weird?

i'm so used to pressing ctrl+Z for UNDO while im drawing in flash, that sometimes when i'm drawing on paper i try to "mentally" press UNDO.. but nothing happens! haha

becky said...

Man, man, mannnnnnnnnn alive, I wish I had one o' those handy-dandy reset-buttons in my line o' work cuz sometimes things happen SO FAST that I walk around all the rest o' the day not being able to shake that foot-in-mouth feeling.

d_orlando said...

Get thee to an armory!

Devon said...

Oh if only I would have had one of those yesterday!