Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I don't know whether this behavior is peculiar to freeways in the greater Los Angeles area or not, but I see it all the time. Sometimes I'm even guilty of it. It's as though the force of a driver's impatience can act upon whatever car is in front of him. And, of course, the efficacy of the force grows in direct proportion to the proximity of the two cars!


sharon spotbottom said...

You talkin' dirty there mister?

d_orlando said...

This once happened to me on an escalator. Woo-hoo!

Aaron Paetz said...

ERRRRRGGGGG... I hate tailgaters! Love The drawing though!...AND... Great job with the updating...Man you're good!

Kenny P. said...

Sharon: I might be...I'm not even sure what I said!

Dom: I remember ;)

Aaron: I'm wringing myself out like a urine-soaked sponge: Someday I will dry up completely! Actually, it's a good outlet.

becky said...

I heard of a man who dreamed of a urine-soaked sponge. I read it in a book. It was a nightmare.

Tailgating, yeah, man. It's like I get pissed off when people're on my ass, and yet, and yet, those minivans that drive slow in the left lanes. ARGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH!!! Sometimes I drive like an asshole when they're in front o' me.